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 We started this business with the goal of offering fairly priced and convenient  business support services services in Honolulu.  Our tax preparation service began assisting several small business owners all over Oahu.  It was not long before we realized many small businesses were missing deductions because they did not have the time to run their business and keep detailed records.  So we launched our accounting services.  It is a year round program, our service gives the business owner monthly financial statements, tracking reports, GET filings, payroll, W-2 and 1099 filing, and year end income tax preparations.   Stop taking time away from running your business, paying late filing fees, and  digging through receipts.  Call us today, let us show you how we can help.

Benefits To Your Business

Making the right impression is important!   We create professional financial statements and organize your supporting document so your business is always ready to impress lenders, clients, partners, insurers, government agencies or anyone you may want to show your records. 

Affordable Year-Round Business Services  

A simple service that lets you operate a successful business while we take care of the back office.


  • We maintain your records on a monthly basis.    
  • You will receive financial statement, cash account reconciliation, tracking of client payments and/or contractor and vendor activity.  
  • We prepare and e-File your Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, or Corporate income taxes  
  • We prepare your K-1 for all of your partners
  • We insure that the depreciation method utilized gives you the best benefits allowed  
  • We prepare your General Excise Tax filings  
  • We can handle your payroll, withholding filings, and year-end reporting  
  • We file your W-2s and 1099s.  

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We provide you with a pick up and delivery service and we are available for evening or weekend hours.  Tell us how to accommodate you and we will deliver!  

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There is never a fee for the initial consultation.

If you keep your own records we can handle your income tax preparation needs.